If it’s not toilet paper, don’t flush it!

As concerns about access to toilet paper grow, people might start looking to alternatives such as wet wipes, flushable wipes and paper towels. 

These products are NOT meant to be flushed down the toilet – even if they say they’re flushable! 

These products can clog the plumbing in your house and in the sewer, and can stop pumps and lift stations from operating. They can also stick to the grease and fats that are in the sewer system and block the pipes, causing a backup of sewage into homes and onto the street through manhole covers. 

First Nations Operations and Maintenance staff work hard to ensure that drinking water and sewer systems run smoothly, but they are put at increased risk when they need to go out and repair pumps and unclog lines. To ensure their safety, and the proper functioning of infrastructure, remember to flush toilet paper only. 

If your home is on a septic system, and not a municipal sewerage system, the same advice applies: non-toilet paper products might make their way down the toilet, but there is a substantial risk that they will clog pipes or outlets, leading to a sewage backup in your house. Flushing these products can also lead to the premature failure of your onsite sewer system, or require costly repairs.
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