Six Tips for Using a Mask While Wearing Hearing Aids



Wearing a face mask and practicing physical distancing are among the best ways to protect against COVID-19.

The most common masks have loops that go behind the ears to keep them in place. Masks with ear loops can be tricky for people who wear hearing aids. A hearing aid can fall out if it gets caught in the loop or the wearer accidentally knocks it out when removing the mask. A hearing aid is easy to lose if it falls out while walking outside—for example, in the street, parking lot, grass or snow.

Here are six tips for keeping hearing aids from falling out while wearing a mask. (And remember to always wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before fitting or removing a hearing aid or mask.)  

1. When unlooping a mask from behind the ears, stand still and slowly remove one loop at a time. Standing still enables you to see where the hearing aid lands if it falls out. 

2. Remove the mask in the same place every time, such as inside a car, home entrance way or living room. If a hearing aid falls out, it will be easier to find in an enclosed space. 

3. Sew a button on each side of a headband or ball cap, or on each end of a flat strip of cloth to make an 'ear saver'. Hook the ear loop over each button to secure the mask to the ear saver. (These headbands are also available for sale in some pharmacies). 

4. Buy or sew a mask that ties around the back of the head instead of the ears. This design can be found in stores, through craft sellers and online. 

5. If sewing isn't an option, grab a t-shirt and a pair of scissors and make a t-shirt mask

6. Tie long hair into a pony tail, braid or bun and crisscross the loops around it. If the loops are too short, make two ponytails or braids and loop the mask around them. 

Elders with limited hand dexterity may find it hard to tie and untie straps or attach loops to small buttons. Larger buttons or elasticized straps are easier to handle.  

Anyone experiencing hearing loss is encouraged to make an appointment with an audiologist. Hearing aids are covered by the First Nations Health Benefits Plan. Visit or call 1-855-550-5454 for information on how to access coverage.   

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