The Flu Shot and COVID-19 Vaccine: Stronger Together



A message from Dr. Celeste Loewe, Medical Officer, Health and Wellness

As we head into the fall and winter, the weather gets colder and people stay indoors more often. In crowded poorly-ventilated indoor spaces, respiratory illnesses including the common cold, influenza (flu), respiratory syncytia virus (RSV), and COVID-19 can spread easily.

The strongest protection for ourselves and our loved ones is vaccination. The flu shot and COVID-19 vaccines help improve our bodies in doing what they do naturally — build immunity to fight illness.

While most healthy people will recover on their own from common symptoms such as coughing, fatigue and sore throat, respiratory illnesses can be harder on Elders, babies, young children, people who are pregnant, and individuals with existing health challenges.


Flu shots and COVID-19 vaccines are free and can be taken together

Both flu shots and COVID-19 vaccines are free in BC for everyone six months of age and older. It is also safe to receive both at the same time by your immunizer (nurse, pharmacist or other health care worker). In fact, receiving both vaccines together as we head into fall and winter is optimal in order to have strong antibodies to fight both viruses.

The evidence clearly shows that vaccines are among the safest health interventions available. Serious side effects are extremely rare.

When will vaccines be available?

If you live away from home and are registered through the provincial Get Vaccinated system, you will receive an invite in October. If you are not registered you can visit

If you live in community, speak to your primary care provider such as your community health nurse or nurse practitioner.

Combine vaccination with the following practices for additional protection

  • Stay home when feeling unwell.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Keep your hands away from your face.
  • Consider wearing a well-fitted high-quality mask in indoor public spaces (For more information, please visit BCCDC webpage on mask use)

You can also combine your flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine with traditional healing and wellness practices for even better health outcomes.​

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