Join us in being “Sober(er) for October”!



Let's consider healthier alternatives

A message from the Wellness Team, Office of the Chief Medical Officer

We all know that consuming alcohol frequently or in large amounts is not great for our health and wellness. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, liquor sales have gone up in BC. People are using a variety of coping mechanisms to deal with the stress caused by the pandemic – and for some, this includes increasing their use of substances such as alcohol. 

That's why the First Nations Health Authority is inviting those of you who use substances, including alcohol, to join us in being “Soberer for October" – whatever that means to you!

We put the “er" in “sober(er)" to be inclusive. We know that although many of you already don't drink or drink only occasionally, there are some who drink more than they'd like to and want to reduce their drinking. Our aim is to encourage more people to make informed decisions about alcohol consumption and their health. Throughout the month, we'll be sharing information, tips and resources relating to the use of alcohol and other substances.

“Sober(er) for October" is a good opportunity for us to look at the role of alcohol and other substances in our lives – how much, how often and why we consume them.  We can reflect on these questions, learn more about how alcohol and other substances impact our health, and consider what alternatives we can enjoy instead. 

We hope you'll join Sober(er) for October and get healthier with us! How you approach this initiative is up to you. You could decide to:

 Learn more about how alcohol impacts your life.

 Drink alcohol only on weekends or only particular weekdays.

 Limit how many drinks you have at a given time.

 Try and stop drinking altogether this month.

 Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

 ​Pair up with a friend and support and encourage each other.

Be sure to share your Sober(er) for October experiences with us on our social media platforms. And if you're already completely sober or working on your use through harm reduction and would like to share your story, please do so. We look forward to hearing from you!

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