The First Nations Health Authority Mental Health and Wellness Photography Scavenger Hunt


​Last Days of Summer Solstice and ​Welcoming Fall!


​​​​The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is hosting a Mental Health and Wellness photography scavenger hunt for First Nations in BC. The first of four seasonal scavenger hunts will begin this September!

This season's photography scavenger hunt is themed around the last days of the summer solstice and wel​coming fall. This scavenger hunt is meant to highlight what wholistic wellness, culture, and community look and feel like to you.

This is your opportunity to get crea​tive and have fun. Therefore, there is no right or wrong way to demonstrate wholistic wellness in your photos.

Your mission, s​hould you choose to accept, are to take photos of the following tasks:​

  1. ​​​Favorite fall activity on the land and in nature (i.e. picking medicines, harvesting, preserving food, hunting, prepping firewood, camping, hiking, etc.).

  2. ​​One way you will take care of your wellness this fall season.

  3. ​​Traditional plants, berries, or medicines in your community.

  4. ​​​​A mentor or role model in your life/community.

  5. Photo of your Orange Shirt or ways you honour Orange Shirt Day.
  6. ​Cultural activities (i.e. art, carving, sewing, beading, regalia making, dancing, drumming, s​inging, etc.).

​​Submit the photos and a sm​​all description of each photo you took to​ starting September 1, 2023 to December 1, 2023 and be entered to win a prize. The FNHA will select a few photos that demonstrates the scavenger hunt tasks list and highlights what wellness means from your perspective. We will be looking for creativity in your photos and each description you share.

We will highlight some of your excellent photo submissions on our social media!

Submission ti​​ps:

  • Include your name, and which Nation you are from.
  • Remember to include a short caption of what is happening in your photo submission.
  • Written stories (up to 500 words).

If you have any questions, email​.

We love photos of First Nations communities in BC being healthy, active, vibrant, and well. We look forward to seeing what wellness looks like to you! Good luck!​​​​

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