The First Nations Health Authority Releases 2021/22 Summary Service Plan



The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) 2021/22 Summary Service Plan describes the FNHA's continued journey towards its vision of Healthy, Self-Determining and Vibrant BC First Nations Children, Families and Communities. The plan outlines the FNHA's direction for the year, including goals, outcomes, objectives, strategies, performance measures and priorities.

In 2021/22, the FNHA will continue to advance work that supports four goals:

  1. Enhance First Nations health governance;
  2. Champion the BC First Nations Perspective on Health and Wellness;
  3. Advance excellence in programs and services; and
  4. Operate as an efficient, effective and excellent First Nations health organization.

Six organization-wide key priorities are of focus this year, including a new key priority on Public Health Emergencies given the ongoing and significant impacts of the dual public health emergencies. The plan also includes an important key priority on anti-racism and Cultural Safety and Humility.

Eleven annual key priorities further describe the work ahead underneath the six key priorities in the coming fiscal year.

The FNHA's work remains grounded in the Seven Directives and Shared Values given to the organization by communities. The FNHA will build on successes; reflect on the FNHA's unique position within the health ecosystem and always keep at the forefront how to best support First Nations in BC, while remaining steadfast in the pursuit of excellence in its work.

The FNHA looks forward to reporting back on progress this year against the Summary Service Plan.​​

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