FNHA Doctors to “Walk the Talk” by Joining FNHA 30x30 Active Challenge


​​​Let's be wellness influencers for our families, friends and communities!


The FNHA 30x30 Active Challenge​ is a great opportunity to lead by example and be a positive influence for our communities. The FNHA's Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO) encourages all First Nations communities and health leaders to commit to 30 minutes of physical activity during the 30 days of June.

Let's encourage everyone to be a Wellness Champion!

Before embarking on any wellness challenge, it's always helpful to reflect on our current wellness journey, while goal setting can help us stay focused and motivated. And by sharing our goal, we can encourage and be encouraged by our friends, families, communities, and online communities – keeping us accountable and feeling supported. Here are reflections and goals set by the OCMO:

Dr. Shannon McDo​​nald, Chief Medical Officer

The pandemic h​​as affected us all; even my puppy is gaining weight!​

My 30x30 Goal: Get outside and walk with my dogs and spend time gardening for 30 minutes or more per day!
​ ​​

Dr. Nel Wieman, Deputy Chief Medica​​l Officer

I have noticed I have some “COVID cushion" forming over the past few months, mainly due to sitting at my desk for long periods each day.  

My 30x30 Goal: Block time for wellness, get outside in the sun and get my body moving!

Dr. Kelsey Louie, Senior Medical​ Officer

Working virtually, I became aware I was spending more and more time on Zoom meetings and teleconferences, sitting for long periods of time. I began finding my hamstrings feeling really tight, which pulled on my lower back and noticed feeling achy and restricted in my range of motion in this area a lot. I realized my body was just squished for lengths of time and I wasn't doing enough to counteract or keep my body loose.

My 30x30 Goal: To do daily stretching and walk 10,000 steps/day.  Consider 'walking meetings' and walking before work or during my lunch break.

Set your goal and share it with a friend or online community to keep yourself motivated. To help you stay accountable, here is a
printable calendar and tracking ​sheet for your use.
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