New Speakers Announced for Healing Our Spirit Worldwide



​Healing Our Spirit Worldwide (HOSW) is excited to announce Dr. James Makokis and Anthony Johnson as keynote speakers for Canada.

Dr. James Makokis is a Nehiyô (Neh-hee-yo) Two-Spirit doctor from the Onihcikiskapowinihk (Saddle Lake Cree Nation) in Treaty Number Six Territory. Anthony Johnson is a proud Two-Spirit warrior from the Navajo Nation and an artist, poet, photographer, cultural documentarian, community leader and strategic analyst whose mission in life is to explore the beauty of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Together, Anthony Johnson and Dr. James Makokis shattered conventional norms as the first-ever Two-Spirit team on the Amazing Race Canada. Their inspiring journey brought critical issues of gender, sexuality, and First Nations experiences to the national spotlight. Demonstrating tenacity, resilience, and indomitable spirit, they triumphed in Season 7, setting a ground-breaking precedent for diverse representation in popular media.

While they may seem inseparable, each brings a unique perspective, a distinct skill set, and a wealth of lived experiences that have shaped them into the advocates they are today. Their intertwined journeys as individuals, as a Two-Spirit couple, and as part of the rich tapestry of their peoples' history, have fueled their work in service and in advocacy. Their focus lies in raising awareness about the challenges faced by First Nation and LGBTQ2S+ communities, and the need for equity and accessibility.

As they traverse Canada, sharing tales of their Amazing Race journey, their community endeavors, and their unique perspectives, they provide insightful recommendations on how to further their cause and challenge oppressive stereo​types. Their mission is to globally unite allies in the pursuit of equal access and fair treatment for the communities they represent.

See the latest list of speakers and program highlights for HOSW. Stay tuned for more event details and speaker announcements coming soon.​​

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