As Summer Heats Up, Be Prepared for Potential Flooding



After a cold and rainy spring, many people are looking forward to seeing more sun and warm weather on the horizon. However, the abrupt increase in temperature raises the risk of flood in many communities throughout the province.

Most of BC saw a colder-than-usual spring with increased precipitation, resulting in a significant increase in snow in the mountains. Emergency Management BC (EMBC) estimates that the peak snowmelt time has been delayed by at least a month and expects it for the end of June.

Although some regions of BC are still experiencing cool and rainy weather, temperatures province-wide over the next week are expected to soar into the high 20s and may even reach 30 degrees Celsius. If that happens, the snow pack could melt quickly and cause rivers and tributaries to overflow and force emergency response or even evacuations.

There are currently no communities under a flood warning, however you can monitor your own regions at the province's Flood Warnings and Advisories webpage.

Flooding Resources for Communities

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