The FNHA Releases COVID-19 Public Health Messages for Video and Radio



The FNHA holds a unique position within the health care system as the only First Nations public health authority in Canada.​ As concern about COVID-19 grows, our unique role within health care means that we have received increased interest from First Nations organizations across North America, as well as Canadian government officials and departments, to support First Nations at this time.

We know that First Nations have a unique perspective on health and wellness, and that this perspective is not always understood by the mainstream health system. Therefore, we feel that it is more important than ever to connect with First Nations people —at home and away from home, in BC and across Canada—to ensure that culturally safe and relevant health information makes it to those who need it. 

With this in mind, we have created public health messages in a variety of formats: video, podcast, radio and television advertising – and of course, this newsletter.

Watch and listen


The FNHA has released two TV ads from our Office of the Chief Medical Office. These public health ads feature Chief Medical Officer Dr. Evan Adams and Senior Medical Officer Dr. Nel Wieman. They have been running on APTN and will start airing on Global TV next week.

 WATCH: Dr. Evan Adams is featured in this COVID-19 message.

 WATCH: Dr. Nel Wieman is​ featured in this television ad about where to find mental health support during the pandemic.

You can find video interviews with Doctors Adams and Wieman here.

Radio and Podcasts:

The FNHA has also released public health messages on CFNR, the First Nations Radio Network.

In addition, we have recorded a number of podcasts to help raise awareness of various pandemic topics. Podcasts feature: 

 Richard Jock, Interim CEO

 Dr. Evan Adams

 Dr. Nel Wieman

 Dr. Shannon McDonald, Deputy Chief Medical Officer

 Sonia Isaac-Mann, VP, Programs and Services

 and April MacNaughton, Director, Health Protection.

Listen to the podcasts here.

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