Good Medicine: Keeping Active at Home


Exercise is more important than ever!​​​

With all that is going on around us right now, we need to be doing what we can to help ourselves be as healthy and well as possible. One thing most of us can do in that respect is exercise. We hope you are committing time at home – or outside, while physical distancing -- to stretch and exercise! If you are, please help inspire others by sharing a picture of yourself “just doing it" or post about what you are doing, with the hashtag #GoodMedicineFNHA.

Getting or staying motivated to be active, whether on the land or at home, is important for your mood, health, energy, and even your sleep.  

How does exercise improve your mood?

Regular activity can improve your mood, keep you relaxed, lower your anxiety, and enhance overall feelings of wellbeing. Being active also helps you get or stay in shape, which boosts your self-esteem and increases your confidence!

How does exercise benefit your health?

Regular physical activity can reduce high blood pressure; help manage weight; and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and various cancers. It also improves bone and muscle strength and increases balance, flexibility, and fitness. For older people, activities that improve balance help to prevent falls and injuries, which are a greater risk for them. For children, regular physical activity helps support healthy growth and development and reduce the risk of disease in later life. Children also develop fundamental movement skills by being active regularly.

How does exercise increase your energy?

Keeping active helps with muscle strength and endurance, which boosts your energy. This in turn benefits the health of your heart, bones, and lungs. Try to start your day off with some exercise, if possible!

How does exercise better your sleep?

Keeping active helps regulate all the complex systems working in your body and helps you to fall asleep faster and achieve more restful sleep. Friendly reminder: as exercise is energizing, you will want to ensure you do not exercise too close to your intended bedtime (a few hours before should be okay).

If you are just beginning an exercise routine, or need some tips about exercising, please check out these Beginner Exercise Cards. They include technique and safety tips.  Before beginning any new exercise regimen, especially if you are not used to regular exercise, it is important to consult with your primary care physician. Many are still available for online appointments during this time.

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