FNHA Urban and Away-From-Home Survey Results Released



The Urban and Away-From-Home Survey Results Report is now available on the Health and Wellness Planning page of the FNHA website.

In March 2021, the FNHA launched a survey to understand how First Nations people living in urban areas and away from home access health and wellness information. The purpose of the survey was to help the FNHA improve how we communicate and engage with the urban and away-from-home population.

The survey provided an opportunity for the FNHA to hear directly from First Nations people in BC living in urban and away-from-home settings. Results will inform discussions with health system partners, including First Nations, FNHA Regions, provincial ministries, regional health authorities and urban Indigenous service organizations, on the development of urban and away-from-home communications and engagement strategies.

Summary of results

The Summary of Survey Results highlights key findings from the survey, including participants' preferred sources and methods of receiving health and wellness information:


Next steps will be to develop meaningful and sustainable communications and engagement pathways with the urban and away-from-home population that are aligned with the principles and strategic directions identified in the Urban and Away-from-Home Health and Wellness Framework. This includes ensuring that engagement strategies meet the unique needs, relationships and contexts of each region. The FNHA will also undertake further work to hear from those who are under-represented in the survey, including youth, men and non-status First Nations people. 

Additional Information

If you have any questions about the report, please contact the FNHA Urban and Away-from-Home team at UAFH@fnha.ca.​

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