“Movement is Medicine” for people with chronic conditions



Participate in the FNHA's “Movement is Medicine" Wellness Bingo this month to be eligible to win a prize!

Did you know that movement, or physical activity, is key to preventing or living well with chronic conditions? For example, in the case of diabetes, moving your body helps it use the sugar in your blood and keep your blood sugar balanced. When you walk, your leg muscles use sugar for the energy to move.

Moving our bodies, whether in small or big ways, improves our strength and wellness, supports good blood flow, helps keep our lungs healthy, and builds stronger muscles and bones. Movement is also very good for our mental and emotional wellness. Not only does it help to release feel-good hormones, it can also be a way to connect with others, build our confidence, and help us to release stress. Movement is medicine for all of us!

This month, we encourage you to explore different ways of moving and see what feels best for you. It can be helpful to have a buddy who supports you in your journey (e.g., someone who walks with you regularly). The best movement for you is whatever feels good for your body and spirit. It could be dancing, swimming, playing a team sport, jogging, lifting weights, harvesting foods, gardening, walking, stretching, or anything else that you enjoy! Each person's journey and goals with movement are different. By taking the time to find what feels best for you, you can bring the medicine of movement into your life.

Remember that it is important to be gentle with yourself if you're just beginning or resuming your active wellness journey. Always listen to your body and respect your limits. Start low (reduced effort) and go slow (increase effort over time). Small changes add up and, when done consistently, can lead to big changes over time.

Our bodies are a gift; they allow us to move through the world to experience and enjoy life. Being able to express gratitude and honour your body's health  is part of a healthy relationship with yourself. Too often, we hear or see messages about how our bodies “should" be, or “should" look. These messages can get in the way of this sacred relationship with your own body.

We invite you to participate in our Movement is Medicine Bingo Sheet. There are movement and self-care activities for you to participate in for this year's 30x30 active wellness challenge all month long, and the goal is for you to do and cross off as many as you can! Submit a photo of your completed card, along with your name and Nation/community, to active@fnha.ca to qualify in a draw to win a $50 gift card to Sport Chek!​

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