Join our 30x30 Active Challenge and Jumpstart Your Health!



A joint message from Richard Jock, FNHA Chief Executive Officer; and Dr. Shannon McDonald, FNHA Chief Medical Officer


Spring is in the air – the sun is shining brighter, the flowers are blooming and many of us are getting outside to enjoy the warmer weather and the beauty of nature. What's more, COVID-19 pandemic public health guidelines are easing and we are able to gather in gyms and for sports and fitness classes. 

All of this makes it a great time to jumpstart our physical health by committing to be more active. So, we are hereby inviting every Indigenous person in BC to join the FNHA's annual 30x30 Active Challenge, simply by making a commitment to doing least 30 minutes of any activity for each of the 30 days of June – and, if you like, sharing photos or posts about your participation on social media!

The 30x30 Active Challenge may be even more relevant this year than ever, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Public health guidelines limited our in-person fitness routines or sports leagues and working from home and meeting via Zoom may have reduced our daily step count goal.

It is our hope that this challenge will motivate you to reflect on your physical activity goals and develop some healthy movement habits that will continue. It is aimed at every person at every fitness level; you will choose to participate in ways that are doable and meaningful to you. Have fun and try new activities! For example, you can go for a swim or a walk or a jog, do some gardening,  dance, play outside with your children or grandchildren or nieces and nephews, or join any kind of fitness class (in-person or online, depending on your comfort level).

“As a part of my own wellness routine, I aim to take at least 10,000 steps per day. Taking a walk during my lunch break has been helpful in achieving my physical activity goals. I look forward to participating this June in the 30x30 challenge and encourage all other First Nations people in BC to do the same." ~ Richard Jock, CEO, FNHA

“We all have busy schedules, but it is important to our health to have a work-life balance. The 30x30 Active Challenge reminds us to take a moment to plan our wellness activities and to kick-start new habits. This challenge isn't just for people who have well-established physical activity habits, it's also for people who want to get started creating good habits. Even going for a 30-minute walk every day or spending 30 minutes outside gardening can have incredible impacts on your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. I especially find the hours I am able to spend gardening incredibly restorative and rejuvenating. " ~ Dr. Shannon McDonald, CMO, FNHA

We hope you will join our 30x30 Active Challenge! Here's how you can participate:

  • First, commit to do 30 minutes of any physical activity, each day, during the month of June.
  • If you like, invite your family or friends to take the 30x30 challenge with you.
  • Read our social media posts and other participants' posts about physical activity for encouragement and inspiration.
  • Share photos or posts, or tag us on social media about your participation to encourage and inspire others. The FNHA Wellness Team will select a winner from the submitted posts in the first week of July. (Make sure to use the hashtags #FNHAWellness, #30x30ActiveChallengeFNHA and #BeActiveFNHA.)
  • If you'd like the FNHA Wellness Team to support you to share your 30x30 journey, please email them at
  • Download and use our 30x30 Activity Log and the 30x30 Calendar to track your progress and accomplish your goals!
  • Access our resources and tools to support your physical activity goals:​

  1. ​​​​FNHA's Wellness Roadmap – This workbook can support you to determine what your wellness goals are and strategies for accomplishing them.
  2. FNHA's Health and Wellness Daily Organizer – This daily organizer is intended to support you in tracking your wellness activities for all four wellness streams, Being Active, Eating Healthier, Nurturing Spirit and Respecting Tobacco. To order a physical copy of this daily organizer, please email
  3. FNHA's webpage, Being Active.
  4. Our partner, the Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council (ISPARC) offers webinars, training and physical health education opportunities you can access by visiting the ISPARC Events Page.  You can learn about the ISPARC's Indigenous RunWalk program, FitNation training and the Healthy Leader Training by visiting their Healthy Living Page.​​

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