National Addictions Awareness Week: All Paths Lead to Wellness



A message from Colleen Salter, FNHA Director of Mental Wellness Clinical ServicesColleen-Salter.jpg

To those who love people who use substances,

I want to reach out and thank you for being part of a network that has very challenging goals. In spite of efforts, much pain and shame is imposed on people who use alcohol and substances. But you stand by them, as best you can, and remain positive and supportive. 

Today, I want to highlight an approach that provides ideas and understanding of all the options available to support the people we love who use alcohol and substances. The All Paths Lead to Wellness Model was developed to provide a snapshot of processes, services and resources that may be a fit for your loved one at different stages through their journey. Some of these options, such as treatment or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) may seem obvious, whereas others such as opioid agonist therapy (OAT) or virtual options may be lesser known.

We need to offer support in a variety of ways. The All Paths Lead to Wellness Model is presented in a way that reflects the wide spectrum of programs and services available to meet people where they are at in their healing. If a person is still using substances and not heading to recovery, we can provide support from the harm reduction “spoke" to help with safety. If they are ready, we can support them with options from the detox and withdrawal management spoke to connect them with detox or maybe to start planning for treatment. Another example would be the program spoke, which supports people in learning new skills and tools to promote growth and connection. People can access services that meet their needs from any of the spokes at any time. The All Paths Lead to Wellness approach is fluid and interactive, while holding up areas of strength and areas for growth.

The FNHA is committed to developing more options, services and resources – and to making them more accessible and culturally safe for people who use alcohol and substances. It is also important to mention that FNHA Health B​enefits and​ S​ervices and many resources are also available to you as the family and friends of people facing challenges with mental health, substance use and alcohol.

Again, thank you for being part of the network that supports, and most importantly loves, people who are living with life challenges like addiction. Through your compassion and dedication, awareness grows and stigma and discrimination decline – making it more likely that people will access the supports they need.​

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