2017 Day of Wellness Events


The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is a committed wellness partner for each and every First Nations person and community in British Columbia. FNHA has a vision of wellness, doing so in a manner that honours First Nations inherent teachings, values our diversity and respects traditions and culture. FNHA wants the June 21 Day of Wellness events to become an annual wellness movement for First Nations peoples in BC.
This year there are over a 160 ways to celebrate National Aboriginal Day through health and wellness events being held on June 21st. Here are a sample of the activities:
Cultural Safety Workshops
Numerous Run/Walk Events
Health Workshops
Community Feasts
Canoe Races
Totem Raising
Health Fairs
Sweat Lodges
Wellness Gathering
Crafts Making
Hoop Dancing
Weaving Workshops
“Potlatch Jam”
Slahal Games
Storytelling with Elders
Traditional Medicine Gathering

Explore these events in the map here!

Aboriginal Day of Wellness Media Kit - A How To Guide for Community and Partners: