First Nations Health Directors Association Ready to “Step Up” to Wellness Challenge




COAST SALISH TERRITORY (Vancouver BC) - The First Nations Health Directors Association (FNHDA) leadership is eager to Step Up to the wellness challenge announced yesterday by the First Nations Health Council (FNHC). The 2nd Annual First Nations Health Leadership Challenge: Beefy Chiefs 2.0 – Step Up will focus on Chiefs and First Nations health leaders increasing the number of steps they take in a day.

“We accept this wellness challenge announced by the FNHC Chair Grand Chief Doug Kelly yesterday,” said, Jacki McPherson, President of the FNHDA. “Our Health Directors have always provided community leadership in health, and play an integral role in our communities. We are eager to Step Up as role models and lead with Wellness. We are going to give the Chiefs a run for their money!”

Last year’s “Beefy Chiefs & Champions” health leadership challenge saw participation from Health Directors and Chiefs within First Nations communities across the province leading as wellness champions while focusing on weight loss in inches and pounds. This year the Step Up challenge focus is on increasing the number of steps participants take in a day using pedometers (FitBits) as a tracking tool. Prizes will be awarded in three categories: most steps, farthest distance, and most active minutes, and winners of the challenge will receive wellness grants to put towards health initiatives for their communities.

For more information, eligibility and to register please visit:, or email

Media Contact:
Trevor Kehoe
Communications Officer and Media Relations
First Nations Health Authority

About the FNHDA
The First Nations Health Directors Association is a professional association that represents and supports Health Directors and managers working in BC First Nations communities. Collectively, BC First Nations Health Directors have a wealth of information, capacity, and solutions to the population health issues in First Nations communities. The Association supports education, knowledge transfer, professional development and best practices for health directors and managers of First Nation Health Providers; and acts as an advisory body to the FNHC and FNHA on research, policy, program planning and design related to administration and operation of health services in First Nation communities

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