FNHA Calling for Wellness Champions at Winter Events




COAST SALISH TERRITORY (West Vancouver) – The First Nations Health Authority will award grants again this year for events and challenges aimed at encouraging conscious acts of health and wellness during the coldest months.

The 2019 theme is Everyone is a Wellness Champion – Time to Live It!  The focus is on participants leading by example to encourage holistic approaches to wellness.

 "With these gatherings and ceremonies our communities strengthen our culture and deepen relationships," said FNHA Chief Executive Officer Joe Gallagher. "At the same time it provides an opportunity for us to have a positive influence on the wellness of our families and friends."

Past Winter Wellness events have included a seasonal challenge with rabbit snaring and snow-shoeing among its activities and a "Master Chef" contest featuring traditional food preparation.

The grants are open to B.C. First Nations communities, organizations, schools, and agencies that deliver direct health services to First Nations who may also contribute resources to the events.

Last year there were 168 events with the northern region unsurprisingly leading the way with 45 events.

All events should support the FNHA wellness streams of Nurturing Spirit, Respecting Tobacco, Being Active, and Healthy Eating. This is the program's fifth year and FNHA has already invested $950,000 in community-driven winter wellness and expects to distribute as much as $250,000 this year.

Events or initiatives that qualify for a Winter Wellness grant must take place between Jan. 1 and Feb. 22, 2019 and the deadline for applications is Nov. 23, 2018.

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