How Are We Doing? FNHA Launches Health Benefits Client Satisfaction Survey


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COAST SALISH TERRITORY - Today the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) launches a survey to measure client satisfaction. The survey results will provide meaningful data and benchmarks, allowing FNHA to make important improvements to its Health Benefits services - a program that serves approximately 500 clients every day.

"We believe that our clients deserve the best," says FNHA Chief Executive Officer Joe Gallagher. "This survey and the resulting data will help us to fulfill our broader organizational commitment of health care quality improvement for First Nations."

FNHA's client satisfaction survey will ask clients questions about recent experiences and levels of satisfaction; program areas accessed; providers that clients were in contact with; as well as a few demographic questions, allowing FNHA to target its improvement efforts. FNHA's goal is that at least 2,000 FNHA Health Benefits clients respond to the survey in the first year.

The survey is anonymous and takes only 5-10 minutes to complete. To improve access, clients can fill out surveys on behalf of their family members or Elders. The survey will stay open indefinitely so that clients can fill it out any time.

"With this invaluable information, we can make our program better and provide the clients we are here to serve with a better customer-service experience," said John Mah, FNHA VP Health Benefits at FNHA.

In 2013 the FNHA assumed responsibility of the First Nations Health Benefits program as part of a larger transfer of programs and services from the federal government to BC First Nations. The program partners with 4,984 dental, vision, pharmacy and mental health providers across the province.

FNHA's client satisfaction survey is available at

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Backgrounder - Health Benefits Client Satisfaction Survey FAQ's


Why a client satisfaction survey?

FNHA is committed to providing high quality Health Benefits programs and services with and for BC First Nations. Hearing from the clients we serve lets us know how we are doing – what's working well and where we need to focus to make improvements.

Each year the FNHA creates a Summary Service Plan which sets out the strategic and operational goals that guide us through the year. One of our priorities in 2016/17 is to measure how well our services are received, and to ensure that we advance our commitment to cultural safety and lateral kindness.


Who can fill in the survey?

It is open to anyone who has made a claim with FNHA Health Benefits. We hope to hear from as many of our clients as possible.

What kind of questions will I be asked?

The survey asks about experiences you may have had making a claim with FNHA Health Benefits. You will be asked about the type of claim, your satisfaction with the experience, and any suggestions you have for us. We also ask for your age group and region.


Ensuring your privacy

This is an anonymous survey. We will not collect any identifying information, including no names or email addresses.


How long will the survey take?

It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.


Marking our progress

The survey will stay open on an ongoing basis so you can fill it out at any time. We hope to hear from at least 2000 in the first year.

FNHA will compile the first year results in fall 2017. These results will provide a benchmark to allow us to measure our improvement over time.

Moving forward, we will review survey responses on a regular basis.

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