The FNHA Supports Provincial Immunization Program to Protect Against Measles


The Province of B.C. is launching a measles immunization catch-up program to help B.C. families ensure their children are protected from measles.

The program will get underway this April, offering catch-up shots to school-aged children who have not previously been immunized against measles or who may not have received both doses of the vaccine.

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) supports the important work of reducing the risk of measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases. The FNHA is working with First Nations communities, the BC Centre for Disease Control, the Ministry of Health, Regional Health Authority partners and others to ensure that children living both in community and out of community will be able to update their immunizations if needed.

The immunization catch-up program will be delivered slightly differently in different regions and First Nations communities across the province. As part of this, each health authority is reviewing immunization records to identify children in public schools whose records do not indicate completion of two doses of vaccine. Children who attend school in community may hear from their Community Health Nurse. Parents can expect further details to be sent via schools or from the Community Health Centre in the next several weeks. Those who want more information on how to access immunization records may check: or can contact their health care provider or Community Health Centre.

"The FNHA raises hands to the hard-working health care teams in community who provide excellent immunization services," said Dr. Evan Adams, the FNHA's Chief Medical Officer. "We acknowledge their dedication and the important role that immunizations play in ensuring the well-being of our children."