Young Wisdom on Mental Health and Wellness


​​Tips and Tricks by Youth for Youth​


First Nations youth are experiencing unique challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, FNHA's youth advisory committee, Life Promotion for All My Relations, gathered over a video-call to discuss these challenges and to share how they are maintaining their mental wellness during these unusual times.

Brandon Gosnell (Ts'ing Kwiiaas) is a founding member of FNHA's youth advisory committee. He is from the Haida Nation and is a strong supporter of Foundry, a one-stop-shop for counselling and wellness services for youth.

“Many youth are 'getting real' about the need to address mental health and wellness. Foundry helps us do that. Safe and respectful counseling services are available via video and voice calls," says Brandon.

Foundry has recently expanded its online services to offer counselling sessions via video, online chat and phone to ensure youth get the support they need when they need it. Each session lasts anywhere from 15 – 45 minutes. Foundry also offers virtual peer support, primary care and family support.

You don't need a referral or an assessment, and services are completely free and confidential. It's quick and easy to book an appointment, just call1-833-FØUNDRY (FØUNDRY with a zero!) or 1-833-308-6379. To find out about hours of operation and services, visit

If you need urgent support, call:

 Emergency services at 9-1-1

 ​The KUU-US Crisis Line at 1-800-588-8717 (toll-free)

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