Day of Wellness 2016

Across BC 6/21/2016 6/21/2016


What's happening on Aboriginal Day of Wellness?

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The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is a committed wellness partner for each and every First Nations person and community in British Columbia. FNHA has a vision of wellness, doing so in a manner that honours First Nations inherent teachings, values our diversity and respects traditions and culture. FNHA wants the June 21 Day of Wellness events to become an annual wellness movement for First Nations peoples in BC. 

This year there are over a 100 ways to celebrate National Aboriginal Day through health and wellness events being held on June 21st. Here are a sample of some of the activities:

Numerous Run/Walk Events
Pit Cooking
Traditional Medicine Scavenger Hunt
Respecting Tobacco Workshop
Medicinal Plant Walks
Sharing Healthy Meals
Talent Shows
Teepee Building
Drum Making
Hand Games Tournament
Fishing Events

Celebrate Cultural Humility on Aboriginal Day of Wellness 2016!

Is your community hosting a Day of Wellness Event? 
The Aboriginal Day of Wellness Media Kit includes everything you need to start promoting and publicizing your event!

Do you want to help socialize and promote cultural safety and humility in your organization and the greater health care system? 
Start with the Creating a Climate for Change booklet, prepared by FNHA and our partner organizations. Pledge your commitment here!

Do you want learn more about cultural humility and safety? Visit our resource portal here!

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Day of Wellness Media Kit & Resources

Aboriginal Day of Wellness Media Kit

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Invite Letter for Health Care Professionals - Day of Wellness Event

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Day of Wellness Events - Descriptions and Locations

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