Aboriginal Head Start On-Reserve (AHSOR) Program Expansion for BC First Nations Communities




The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) has secured $10.5M of funding from the province of BC to invest in the expansion of community-driven Aboriginal Head Start On-Reserve (AHSOR) programming. This funding will support more children in receiving early childhood education and includes capital and program costs to be distributed over the next two years to support new and expanded programming.

The FNHA currently supports 122 AHSOR projects across BC. The expansion of the program will be carried out through a transparent, equity-based application process. Community projects will be assessed based on both need and readiness.

Communities seeking to initiate or expand their AHSOR programs are encouraged to attend an information webinar on Wednesday April 25th, 2018 from 10 – 11AM. You can register for the webinar here.

To ensure that no community is left behind in the development phase, FNHA will host regional application development workshops between May 14 and 25 to provide direct program development to First Nations requiring this service.

The application form, along with additional information will be distributed during the week of April 30th and will also be available via the FNHA website here.

Note that there is a separate Aboriginal Head Start expansion process for urban and off-reserve programs and that process is supported by the Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC (AHSABC).


The Aboriginal Head Start On-Reserve (AHSOR) program model provides flexibility to design and deliver community based programs either at a facility, similar to a preschool or childcare center, or through outreach and family support. The delivery model is decided by the community to best fit needs and priorities. Being flexible and responsive to community needs, the AHSOR model allows for shifts in program delivery modality when and as required.

AHSOR is a holistic, community-based program designed to enhance early childhood development, school readiness and overall family health and wellness for First Nations children birth to six years of age living in community.  AHSOR programming recognizes that culture is a fundamental part of a child's healthy development and that caring, creativity and confidence flow from a strong grounding in community. 

Each community delivers AHSOR services in a way that takes into account family and community needs and priorities; availability of qualified staff; service development and operational capacity; suitable facilities; and community and leadership support.

Aboriginal Head Start On–Reserve Program Expansion for BC First Nations Communities Application

The application has closed.

Aboriginal Head Start On–Reserve Program Expansion for BC First Nations Communities Application Questions Working Copy:

Application Questions (DOCX 125 KB)

Aboriginal Head Start On–Reserve Program Expansion for BC First Nations Communities Application Instruction Guide

Application Instruction Guide (PDF 670 KB)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to learn more about the Aboriginal Head Start On-Reserveprogram expansion please download our FAQs here:

Aboriginal Head Start On-Reserve FAQs (PDF 234 KB)