Conquer the Christmas Crazies: Take joy in the simple things!



~ a fun message from Dr. Shannon McDonald, Deputy CMO

& Anita Christoff, OCMO Health & Wellness Writer

'Tis the season to go crazy…

Shopping! Cooking! Can't be lazy!

Trim the tree & plan the parties

Roast the turkey gold & hearty

Make each person's favourite treats

Got to be sure their joy's complete

Bake those pies, those cookies, those sweets

It's Christmas; time to eat, eat, eat!


Tons to do, only one of you

Need more hours to make it through

The budget takes a deep hard hit

Want to fulfill everyone's wish

Crowds in the malls are loud & insane

My feet are tired & oh my poor brain

Time's running out, my patience is too...

There's just so much, so much left to do!


OR … Wait, wait, wait!

Let's slam on the brakes!

Is there a BETTER WAY we can take?


Let's slow down – reason, be sensible

Is all this stuff really ESSENTIAL?

Couldn't we buy the cookies & pies?

Couldn't we check our lists & downsize?

Make the choice to shop a lot less?

Ask ourselves if we need that new dress?

Host a potluck, hug family & friends?

Wear PJs, curl up, read a book to the end?


We often create our own darn stress

& make our lives feel like a jumbled mess

Let's let it go, & simplify

The Christmas season will fly by

But what's important will remain

So, until December comes again

With all the delights this season brings

Be well & find joy in simple things.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!