First Nations Primary Care and Mental Health and Wellness Summit


Update: Presentations and thank you message added - May 30, 2019

FNHA warmly thanks the delegates who attended the 2019 Summit. We are grateful for your participation and contributions!

Over 500 participants showed their interest and commitment to integrating mental wellness and primary care. Delegates engaged in heartfelt discussions focusing on how we can move towards weaving wholistic wellness into the health care system.

Through the evaluation forms, FNHA heard that 93 percent of delegates felt that the Summit was a productive and good use of their time. We also heard that 93 percent of delegates recommend that another First Nations Health and Wellness Summit be planned in the future – FNHA will be acting on this advice.

View the story and images for the 2019 Summit here

If you are interested in some of the slide presentations from the Summit, you can view or download them below.


Wednesday, May 22nd

- Morning Panel: 
- Dialogue 1: Integration of Mental Health and Wellness into Primary Care: Living by Example

- Dialogue 2: Integration of Traditional Wellness into Primary Care: Living by Example

- Dialogue 3: Embedding Cultural Safety and Humility into the Health System: Walking the Talk

- Dialogue 4: Integration of Wellness Promotion into Primary Care: Promote, Acknowledge and Celebrate Living Well
Thursday, May 23rd
- Morning Keynote: Dr. Brenda M Restoule – Returning to the Teachings for Health and Wellness
- Morning Panel: Healing from Trauma

- Dialogue 5: Urban and Away from Home: Supporting the Health Journey of our Urban and Away from Home Population

- Dialogue 7: Traditional Wellness: Supporting our Traditional Ways of Healing

Friday, May 24th

- Morning Keynote: 

o Daniele Behn Smith - Looking Ahead

Workshop 1: Victoria Wood and Carrie Krekoski - Cultivating a Team-Based Approach to Wellness underneath

o Workshop 2: Lorraine Naziel and Sandra Harris - A Glimpse into Indigenous Tools for Living

o Workshop 4: Laurie Pearce - Understanding Stress and Building Resilience


Join FNHA for the First Nations Primary Care + Mental Health & Wellness Summit: Weaving Wholistic Wellness into the Health Care System

May 22-24, 2019


The FNHA invites two representatives from each BC First Nation working in or leading in the area of wholistic wellness and mental health and wellness to join us for the First Nations Primary Care + Mental Health & Wellness Summit, a three-day event taking place May 22-24, 2019 at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver.

We invite communities to identify who attends the Summit, from chiefs, health portfolio leaders, mental health leads, to any other individuals working in the area of wholistic wellness and mental health and wellness.

The Summit focuses on weaving wholistic wellness into the health care system

As First Nations, we have a wholistic perspective on health and wellness. We understand that emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness are all essential to an overall sense of well-being. To successfully support First Nations people on their wellness journeys, wholistic wellness needs to be woven into the healthcare system. Good work is already underway in this area – yet much change still needs to happen. You can be part of this crucial transformation!

The First Nations Primary Care + Mental Health & Wellness Summit brings together First Nations communities and health care partners to work towards a wholistic, team-based approach to wellness. The Summit is built on the success and community feedback from the Mental Health + Wellness Summit held in February 2018.

PHONE: 604-646-3576

Travel Subsidy

FNHA will reimburse travel expenses for two representatives from each BC First Nations community

All attendees are responsible for arranging their own travel and accommodation to/ from the Summit.

Event Highlights

Learn about and exchange knowledge on promising and wise practices in mental health and wellness, and primary care. The focus will be on culturally safe and wholistic models of care.

• Find out about integrated approaches to wholistic health and wellness such as inter-professional and team-based care, including a focus on mental health and wellness.

• A key feature of this Summit is the health and wellness needs of First Nations that are urban or away from home, as well as those living in rural and remote communities.

• The Summit will showcase the latest developments in policy, program design, and service delivery work from across the province so that participants can benefit from lessons learned.

Register here

Download the invitation here (PDF 141 KB)

Call for Poster Presentations (PDF 217 KB)

Travel Reimbursement Guidelines (PDF 195 KB)

Travel Expense Claim Form (PDF 116 KB)

Hotel Accommodations

All attendees are responsible for booking their own hotel room.

There is one room block left at a preferred rate:

Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown ($319/night)

To book:

1. Ensure to have a credit card ready to guarantee the reservation.

2. Click the room block link above to book your hotel room. If you want to book over the phone please call the hotel directly and reference "FNHA Wellness Summit".

3. The link will open a new webpage for that hotel's personalized reservation website, including the discounted group rate.

4. Complete hotel reservation details including arrival and departure dates, and personal contact information.

5. Provide credit card to finalize and guarantee the reservation.

6. Retain original receipt including cost breakdown of stay to be eligible for travel expense reimbursement.

 FNHA will only reimburse costs for a standard room charge plus tax. All incidentals including room upgrades, room service, additional meals, pets, tours, etc. are the responsibility of the attendee.

 A credit card must be presented at check-in. In lieu of a credit card, a cash deposit will need to be applied for incidentals and room functions such as pay-per-view, room service, etc.

 If you are having any issues or need assistance booking your hotel room please email

 CANCELLATION: please call the hotel directly to cancel no later than three business days before the event start date to avoid fee penalties.