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At Gathering Wisdom for a Shared Journey V, BC First Nations, by a historic level of consensus, adopted Resolution 2012-01. This Resolution provided further direction and guidance for the development of the new First Nations health governance structure, of which the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is a key component. Based on the direction provided in Resolution 2012-01, the FNHA transitioned from a 7-member to a 9-member Board of Directors in April 2014. The 9-member Board collectively works for and makes decisions for the benefit of all BC First Nations, regardless of residence; however, the Board is structured in a manner to make space for regional experience and perspective. The 9-member Board includes 5 Board members selected from nominations of First Nations in the 5 Regions (Fraser; Interior; North; Vancouver Coastal; and, Vancouver Island); and 4 Board members chosen at large.

Following previous Interior Representative Nathan Matthew's resignation from the board to become elected Chief of Simpcw First Nation, the FNHA is recruiting a new Board of Directors Interior Representative. This recruitment notice supports the work of the Interior Region to nominate for the FNHA Board of Directors qualified individuals who also have experience with First Nations health and wellness matters in the Interior Region. The final decision on appointments to the FNHA Board of Directors is made by the members of the FNHA.

The Process

The process to fill Chief Matthew's seat will be initiated at the Interior Region Caucus Session on November 5, 2015 and nominations of qualified candidates from the region will be accepted until December 18, 2015 through the regional nomination process described below:

(a) Establish an Interior region selection committee of two Members from each of the seven Nations. The selection committee is responsible for prescreening the applicants and providing a recommendation on shortlisted candidates to the Interior Region Nation Executive (IRNE) and the IRNE will make a formal nomination by motion to the FNHA Members.

(b) Advertise for persons interested in serving as directors of the FNHA, based on the competencies set out in the "Navigating the Currents of Change: Transitioning to a New First Nations Health Governance Structure" Consensus Paper;

(c) The IRNE will provide an update to Interior Chiefs and Health Directors regarding the shortlisted candidates that will be sent to the FNHA members; and

(d) Prior to February 2016 the FNHA members would review the recommendations put forward by the IRNE, and appoint the person to serve as the FNHA Board Member for the Interior region, for the period to be approved at the time of appointment.


First Nations Health Authority

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is a non-profit Society governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Society's 15 members (themselves appointed by BC First Nations). The FNHA head office is based out of West Vancouver, BC and provides health and wellness programs and services to First Nations province-wide. Its mandate is from BC First Nations and includes:

• Administering First Nations health programs and services in BC.

• Administering initiatives at a population and public health level, including establishing infrastructure for province-wide initiatives such as data collection and information management and technology.

• Planning, designing, managing, delivering and funding First Nations health programs and carrying out other health and wellness related functions.

• Collaborating with the BC Ministry of Health Services and Health Authorities to coordinate and integrate their respective health programs and services to achieve better outcomes for First Nations.

• Influencing the health industry to promote First Nations inclusion.

• Incorporating and promoting First Nations knowledge, beliefs, values, practices, medicines and models of health and healing into First Nations health programs, recognizing regional differences.

• Establishing standards for First Nations health programs.

• Collecting and maintaining clinical information and patient records and developing protocols for data and information sharing.

• Modifying and redesigning health programs and services delivered by the FNHA through a collaborative and transparent process with BC First Nations to better meet their health needs.

• Promoting community wellness to advance healthy individuals, families, and communities and to assist in building community capacity.

• Engaging BC First Nations through the Regional Tables with regard to regional and local interests and health care needs.

• Enhancing collaboration among First Nations health providers and others to address economies of scale in service delivery.

• Carrying out research and policy development.

• Partnering with Federal and Provincial governments and health service providers to develop and redesign health programs, services, policy and legislation to meet First Nations health needs and priorities.

• Maintaining appropriate financial records and preparing financial statements for audit.



In alignment with the strategic direction of the FNHA Members, the FNHA Board of Directors is responsible for making decisions of benefit to all BC First Nations, and acting independently and solely in the best interests of the FNHA. Key governance functions of the FNHA Board of Directors include:

• Developing, implementing, and monitoring a strategic plan(s).

• Implementing a reporting system to measure and communicate on performance.

• Approving and complying with policies.

• Approving and monitoring budgets.

• Ensuring appropriate risk management processes and systems are in place.

• Participating on committees as required.

• Providing direction to, and monitoring the performance of, the Chief Executive Officer.

• Holding legal liability and meeting applicable corporate governance requirements.

• Reporting to members of the FNHA and to First Nations in BC.



The FNHA Board, as a whole, shall reflect a broad range of skills and experience. The specific competencies sought for the FNHA Board of Directors, as adopted by BC First Nations, are as follows:

• Have no conflict of interest or legal impediment that would interfere with the exercise of the Director's independent judgment (including that one cannot be a Chief or Councillor, an FNHC or FNHDA member, a health director, or an elected federal, provincial, or municipal official).

• BC First Nations individuals highly preferred, and regardless, a high degree of cultural competency and knowledge of BC First Nations communities (including rural, remote, urban, and other issues facing First Nations).

• Qualities of intelligence, strategic thinking, perceptiveness, good judgment and common sense, maturity, ethics, integrity, and fairness.

• Time, energy, interest and willingness to serve as a Director of the FNHA, including a commitment to learning and an appreciation of the significance of the work.

• Prior Board experience with a positive record of accomplishment, including solid understanding of Board legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

• Knowledge of, and experience with, First Nations, federal, and provincial health systems, programs and services.

• Extensive and proven experience in successfully running a large operation or working at a senior management level and managing organizational change and development.

• Experience in tripartite processes, building and maintaining successful partnerships with governments and others organizations, and managing competing priorities amongst diverse partners and stakeholders.

• Experience in strategic planning, health planning, financial planning, and community development.

• Desirable qualifications include CA or similar designation, MBA or comparable university degree, degree of a designated health care professional (or equivalent experience).

• Board members should reflect healthy living – emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally.



Residents of British Columbia are eligible to apply for the FNHA Board of Directors, with the exception of:

• Elected or hereditary First Nations leaders (Chief or Councillor).

• Any individual eligible for membership in the First Nations Health Directors Association (a Health Director or senior health lead employed by an organization delivering health services within or on behalf of a First Nations community or communities).

• Elected federal, provincial, or municipal officials.

• Any individual working for an organization currently receiving funding from the FNHA.


Qualified First Nations individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.

Time Commitment

It is anticipated that the Board of Directors will be required to attend a minimum of four meetings per year with additional meetings and committee work called as required. In addition, the Board of Directors are required to attend the FNHA Annual General Meeting. The term of office for the Board of Directors will be three years commencing on February 1, 2014.

To Submit

All submissions are welcomed, but please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Qualified candidates are invited to submit in confidence, Curriculum Vitae and three letters of reference to (Interior Region Tribal Council and/or Band letter of references preferred, but not required):

Mary McCullough, Regional Manager (Interior)

520 Chief Eli LaRue Way

Kamloops, BC - V2H 1H1

Phone: 778.220.1372

Fax: 604.913.2081


Application Open:

November 5, 2015

Application Deadline:

December 18, 2015 at 4:30 pm

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